Guillermo Ramos

Ben Hur

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In this show I was the Compositing Supervisor where I was in charge of checking the shots of other compositors before they were sent to the VFX supervisor. I also assisted people with technical questions and prepared and gave setups that were used in different shots.

I also composited a few shots, but I focused mostly on this 523-frame-long shot. This was an aerial plate shot in Italy and required lots of cleanup, not only from the production crew and equipment like cranes, tents, cameras, etc., but it also needed cleanup of any modern city stuff. Like antennas, TV satellites, electric posts, cars and more.

After doing the cleanup I needed to add many different things to make the set look more like a big market. I got CG renders of all sorts of things like fruits, baskets, clothes, carpets etc. I also added different floors. Palm trees. Smoke.

The plate was really long but by the end it needed to zoom out to reveal a big panoramic view. The plate didn't get that wide so I had to project mountains and sky using photos.