Guillermo Ramos

John Wick: Chapter 2

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This shot was a special request since some other studio had done the work but the client wasn't too happy with the results and they were running out of time. I was given this shot at the very last minute around New Year's Eve.

In this shot the actress Ruby Rose wasn't in the original plate, they had another person instead. Then they shot Ruby Rose with a similar pose in front of a greenscreen and I had to do the body replacement in comp. Even though the shot looks simple, it was actually very challenging since the lighting was really different in both plates.

First I had to remove the original girl, then I had to stabilize and track in place Ruby Rose. I had to lots of colour correction and I had to fake all the different light sources from the scene, and had to fake interaction when the guy walks in front of her. I added rim lights, bounces, shadows, lens flares, drizzle, etc. It was a pretty long shot of 837 frames and they needed the shot really fast.